When Circumstances Change After Divorce

aYour divorce attorney should work hard to ensure the final terms of your divorce are fair to you. However, sometimes circumstances change drastically following divorce, and couples have to revisit certain issues, usually involving child custody and support. An experienced child support attorney can help you make changes after divorce is finalized. At the Law Firm of Evan H. Baron & Associates, our lawyers can help when post-divorce circumstances change.

Custody, Child Support, and Spousal Support

If one parent’s employer goes out of business, or a parent needs to relocate for a job, the parenting plan created during the divorce may need to be modified. Courts understand, and want to ensure children have what they need. If you and your ex-spouse agree on changes, the process may be relatively hassle-free. If not, you will need a child support attorney to help come to an agreement.

Demonstrating Changed Circumstances

To make changes to a divorce agreement after it’s finalized, you have to demonstrate that circumstances have changed. With the help of your divorce attorney, you may be able to do this without a court hearing, but often, a hearing is necessary. At such a hearing, your lawyer presents evidence demonstrating the change in circumstances and petitioning for a change in the divorce terms.

Secure a Court Order Even if You and Your Spouse Are in Agreement

You may get along fine with your ex-spouse, and that is great, but even if you agree to changes in the parenting plan or support, you should take the step of filing a court order. Otherwise, the original divorce decree is still legally in effect, and this could cause problems later on if your relationship with your ex turns sour.

Mediation May Be an Option

Mediation can work in some situations after a divorce is finalized. However, a signed mediation settlement is a binding contract, and you are obligated to abide by it if you signed it. Speak with a divorce attorney to determine if mediation is an option for you. At the Law Firm of Evan H. Baron & Associates, our skilled attorneys will give you sound advice on how to proceed if you believe divorce terms should be changed.