Factors That May Influence an Alimony Settlement

Alimony is an important factor in a divorce case. There are several types of alimony. The amount and duration can vary from case to case. A good divorce lawyer Davie will seek to get the most desirable outcome for your case. Different factors that influence the type, amount, and duration of the alimony include, but are not limited to:

Length of marriage: Marriages are oftentimes classified as short-term, moderate, or long-term. Marriages that last less than 7 years are considered short-term, between 7-17 years are moderate, and marriages that last longer than 17 years are considered long-term.

Economic status:This will include personal and marital assets and how these are being distributed in the divorce settlement. Liabilities incurred during the marriage are also considered.

Contribution: This could be in the form of salary, childcare, or supporting a spouse in a career or educational pursuit.

Standard of living: The court will consider the standard of living that the couple enjoyed during the marriage and use that to help determine the amount of alimony.

Physical condition: This includes age and any physical impairment that may affect the earning capacity of both parties.

Future plans: If one of the spouses requires further learning to achieve self-sufficiency, this is considered as well.