The Most Important Factors that Will Determine the Value and Need for Child Support

Going through a divorce can be a bitter experience and seeking child support from your ex-spouse can make it worse. Fortunately, there’s legal proceedings that can help you without the burden of facing your ex-spouse directly. The right child support attorney in Weston will explain what you can do to tilt the outcome of your child support case in your favor. To be sure of this, you must ensure that your attorney is an active listenerwhowill use your specific circumstances to help secure a favourable outcome of your case.

Contributing FactorsDuring Child Support Proceedings:

  • The number of children you have with your ex-spouse.
  • Current age of every child.
  • Timesharing agreement
  • Both you and your ex-spouse’s incomes, if any.
  • The school(s) your child(ren)attended before the divorce.
  • Value and worth of your shared properties.
  • Current financial status of each party.