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Pre-Nuptial Agreements

A pre-nuptial agreement or ‘prenup’ is a good way to avoid a great deal of emotional and financial trouble in the future, if the marriage you are about to enter does not work out for some reason.  There are no guidelines for a ‘pre-nup’.  The agreement is a personal agreement between the marrying couple.

Often however, pre-nups are hastily and poorly drafted or based on less than honest financial disclosure.  It is in your best interest to be represented by an experienced family law attorney when drafting a pre-nuptial agreement.

If you feel you have entered into a pre-nup, but your spouse has not been completely upfront regarding financial disclosure, the validity of that pre-nup can be challenged.

Our firm has executed many pre-nuptial agreements, and we have also been successful in having the validity of poorly prepared pre-nups overturned.