When You May Need the Services of an Alimony Attorney

If things are not working out for a couple, itmay not be a good practice to immediately opt for a divorce. Thankfully, many couples have started to realize this and have been looking at less drasticmeasures of sorting out their issues. Divorce can be time-consuming and troubling.

In situations where divorce is needed (or has already occurred), you can discuss your situation with an alimony attorney in Weston.

The samealimony attorney in Weston cannot represent both the parties (i.e. husband and wife), but they can be an effective advocate on behalf one spouse. They can be the guiding force to determine that everything is in accordance with the law and your interests are fully represented.

In general, an alimony lawyer in Weston can help with cases related to:

  • Negotiate the final amount of alimony
  • Attempt to modify alimony after a divorce settlement has been agreed to
  • Child Custody and Child Support
  • Shared property and assets between married or divorced couples
  • Settling marital legal disputes with or without financial constraints
  • Preparing all legal documentsand meeting all assigned deadlines in family law matters