3 Types of Child Custody

Going through a divorce can be a difficult time in your life, especially if there are children involved. During your divorce proceeding, there will be terms to determine how you and your ex-spouse plan on raising your children, how time will be split between both parents, and other factors to consider. It is highly recommended that you find a good attorney in Weston who can help you with your divorce case.

While the trend in Florida is for Joint Custody, there are a few types of child custody categories:

  • Joint custody: Most courts award custody based on the best interest of the child. With joint custody, both parents share equal time and responsibilities with the children. In Florida, this by far the most common.
  • Physical custody: This entitles one of the parents to have the right to keep the child with him or her. The parent’s financial status, closeness to the child, and personal ethics can determine if he or she is seen as fit to raise the child on their own or not.
  • Sole (Legal) custody: This custody is similar to physical custody, with the exception that the child’s healthcare, education, religion, and other factors can be determined by both parents. The child may continue to live primarily with just one parent.