4 Signs You Need a Child Support Attorney

Family law attorneys are lawyers that focus on divorce, child support, timesharing (i.e. custody) and other related matters. Not every case needs a child support attorney Broward, but sometimes hiring an experienced divorce lawyer is critical.

When your Ex has one

The first sign that you need someone in your corner is when you see that your ex has hired an attorney. The legal language can be confusing, and you need to know what the other party is demanding. Remember that even if the other lawyer seems fair, his/her loyalty lies with your ex. You need someone who can fight for your cause and can explain everything to you.

When you think your children are in danger.

If you think that your ex is a harmful influence who can put your kids in danger, it is critical that you hire an attorney who focuses on divorce. It is important to note that sole custody or even restricted access is extremely hard to secure as the trend in Florida is for equal timesharing and responsibility from both parents. You need a child support attorney Broward who knows how to present such cases in a convincing manner.

When you think your ex is being unfair.

You may have started out with both parties agreeing to a parenting plan, but things can get rocky. If you are unhappy with the demands or claims made by your ex, or you think you are not being treated fairly, you’ll need to hire a lawyer immediately.

When your circumstances have changed.

Sometimes circumstances can change requiring a change in the support arrangements. It could be a significant change in income, relocation or remarriage. This can happen even years after the initial distribution of parenting responsibilities. It is best to hire a child support attorney Broward in order to explore your options regarding timesharing or child support.