How Child Support is Calculated in Florida

One of the effects of a divorce is the splitting of family income. This has direct consequences on other family members, mainly children. Household and parental responsibilities are split among the parents. Hiring an experienced child support lawyer Browardis essential because it can impact the life of your child. Here are a few things you should know about child support:

  • In Florida, child custody is decided according to the Income Share Model. The court will base the total child support needed on the basis of the income of both the parents and the number of children. It calculates the amount of support a child would have received if the parents had not split when determining the support amount.
  • One of the essential elements while deciding child support is the parenting plan. If the parents cannot agree on a plan, the court will decide one for them.
  • The Florida courts have created a Child Support Guidelines Worksheet which is meant to simplify the child support calculations. This should be filled out with the aid of your child support lawyer Broward.
  • In certain cases, the court may also direct the parent paying child support to buy a health or life insurance policy.
  • Child support can later be modified only in exceptional circumstances. The judge has the discretionary power to modify it by 5%. But any modifications beyond that must be based on evidence, such as special needs of the child or unexpected and heavy loss of income by the paying parent.
  • When a parent fails to pay the child support, a child support lawyer Broward can help you file a complaint to ensure the enforcement of support.