Choosing a Good Child Custody Lawyer

This infographic titled ‘How to Choose the Best Child Custody Lawyer’ covers the necessary steps to take to find the lawyer that’s right for you. Separating from your partner may be inevitable but separating from your children shouldn’t be. A good child custody lawyer will ensure that you are able to secure a favorable decision.

How to identify the best child custody lawyer

  • Get recommendations: An experienced child custody lawyer can help work around complex child custody cases. Seek recommendations for such lawyers from friends and family, as well as court clerks.
  • Do your homework: Check online reviews for child custody lawyers from previous clients. Try to identify more than one lawyer and shortlist a few based on your own preference and need.
  • Set up meetings: Prepare a few important questions you would like the lawyer to answer before hiring him. Discuss these questions with the shortlisted lawyers to identify the best lawyer for you.
  • Make your decision: Compare the pros and cons of every lawyer. Assess how the lawyer speaks with you, and how comfortable you are speaking with him.

For further information, please check out the attached infographic.