Custody and Child Support Must Follow Applicable Laws

aThe job of the child support attorney is primarily to ensure that children of divorce receive the care and support to which they’re entitled. The child support lawyer is required to follow the law and take the proper legal steps to ensure the best possible outcome for children after their parents split up. At The Law Firm of Evan H. Baron & Associates, we have the experience necessary to protect children’s and parents’ rights after divorce.

Judges Aren’t Interested in Drama

Child custody and support cases are notorious for drama, but inside the courtroom, established laws prevail. Judges don’t care how much you hate your estranged spouse. He or she must ensure that all applicable laws are followed in regards to the time each parent spends with children, and how children are to be supported. Save the drama for your poker buddies or best friend.

Children’s Need Will Be Prioritized

The child support lawyer is primarily interested in ensuring that children’s suffering is minimized throughout the divorce process and that they are adequately supported based on parental assets after the divorce is finalized. Parents have to jointly agree to a time sharing program, and state laws are used to calculate each parent’s responsibility for providing child support based on income and time spent with children.

What a Restraining Order Is and Isn’t

Divorcing parents often throw the term “restraining order” around any time the other spouse does something they don’t like. The truth is, injunctions are granted when there is a history of domestic violence, or when actions lead the court to believe that violence is a real possibility. You cannot get a restraining order against someone for being a jerk.

You Don’t Lose Parental Rights After Divorce; Neither Does Your Spouse

You’re still a parent after divorce, and so is your ex-spouse, whether you like it or not. Listen to your child support attorney and don’t rise to the bait if your estranged spouse turns to theatrics. At The Law Firm of Evan H. Baron & Associates, our family law specialists can guide you through the divorce and custody processes with real answers and real help.