How to Make Changes in a Custody Plan

For parents seeking divorce in Weston, at some point, a parenting plan will need to be drafted. A parenting plan is a detailed document outlining each parent’s responsibility and duties, such as who has the child on specific days, and other specifications. The court may allow for changes in the plan if circumstances make it necessary as stated in Florida law.

While you can write this document yourself, it is recommended that you hire a child custody attorney Weston who can ensure that the document is written correctly. If there needs to be any changes, your attorney can handle that for you. Here’s a guide on how to make these changes:

When both parents agree: You can expedite the process if your partner agrees to the changes;however, a judge must still ratify them.  To make the changes, download a plan form from the Florida Supreme Court website. Note that there are special plans available for long-distance, as well as safety-focused requirements. Sign the parenting plan in front of a notary public. The parenting plan is then submitted in the court for a final hearing where a judge will review it.

When the parents do not agree: In this instance, you must file a petition with the court. Parenting plans can be modified when a substantial change has taken place since the original plan was finalized. When asking for changes, make sure to clarify how these are in the best interests of the child.

Hire a lawyer: If the other parent is unwilling, consider hiring a child custody attorney Weston. Keep in mind that the other party will probably also have a lawyer and you will need a strong argument if you want the judge to agree to changes in the original plan.