Infographic: What to Look for in a Divorce Attorney

This infographic titled ‘Finding an Experienced Divorce Attorney for Your Case’ illustrates the qualities of a good, experienced attorney. The information can help you select the right attorney for your divorce which can potentially save you money and ensure a fair settlement.

Traits of a good attorney

Specialization: A good divorce attorney will focus on building their practice primarily on marital and family law matters. By building a specialized practice their entire agency understands the requirements in a divorce case and the best way to handle individual cases.

Record: The common perception of a good divorce lawyer is that they have all the traits of a shark. Remember, when you want someone fighting for you, the shark is what you want. A good divorce lawyer builds up this reputation through a proven record in court fighting fiercely for their clients.

Honest opinion: A good lawyer may discreet with others but will be completely honest with you. Your attorney will give you an honest overview of how the information you have disclosed will affect your case.

Experience: Pick an attorney with experience in dealing with divorce cases in your state. Choose someone who is experienced in trial and mediations.

Why experience is important

There are two important qualities you get when you hire an experienced attorney:

  • An experienced attorney understands state law and its nuances. They have extensive knowledge of case histories, and how they were won or lost in court. They are familiar with the judges and their rulings and how it could affect your own case. This experience is critical when devising strategies for your own case.
  • An experienced attorney will consider all the facts and make a well-informed decision.

To understand more about a good attorney, read the infographic below.