Why Divorce Mediation May Be the Best Solution

A divorce doesn’t have to be acrimonious. It can be settled peacefully and amicably even when both parties can’t stand each other through mediation. Ask your divorce lawyer in Davie to arrange for mediation. There are many benefits to mediation:

Less expensive: A court case can become very expensive. When we add up the expense of lawyers, court fees, depositions, trials and witnesses, the total sum can be shockingly high. The expense can climb up further if the case becomes acrimonious and is extended. The goal of mediation, on the other hand, is to resolve the matters quickly.

Amicable atmosphere: Unlike a court case, mediation takes place in a less formal setting, in a more amicable atmosphere. Both parties and the divorce lawyer in Davie discuss the different issues with a mediator. Court cases are usually on an attack-defense mode. But during mediation, the effort is to see that matters are settled in a peaceful manner where both parties can come to an agreement.

Confidentiality: Like all court cases, a divorce case is a matter of public record where all the proceedings are open to the public. Mediations are private and confidential.  This is a huge benefit that allows parents to keep their acrimonious disputes from their children.

Need for a lawyer

It is not necessary to hire a divorce lawyer in Davie for mediation. But it is always prudent to do so. To begin with, the other party may have a lawyer and it can help to have someone in your corner. A lawyer can explain every nuance of the mediation. Most importantly, an attorney will ensure that you do not agree to anything without understanding its repercussions.