How to Enforce Alimony in Florida

The purpose of alimony is to help the more financially dependent spouse attain self-sufficiency after a divorce. But what do you do when your ex refuses to pay for financial support? Start by contacting your divorce lawyer Davie.

In State

If your spouse lives in Florida, begin by filing a Motion for Contempt in the same case court where the alimony was awarded. However, you should be prepared to prove that your ex can pay the alimony and that there are no new circumstances that may hinder them from paying since the settlement.

Out of State

If your spouse does not live in Florida, you may have to track him or her down. If the divorce did not take place in Florida, once you locate them, you must start the process for alimony in the state in which they reside. If the divorce took place in Florida and the court retained jurisdiction, the alimony proceedings would remain in Florida.

Get a copy of the original alimony order. If possible, get a copy of the court’s judgment for unpaid alimony as well.

Your divorce lawyer Davie can help you complete these forms and ensure that they are completed properly.

Make copies of the form and file the original.

In some states, the court clerk will mail a copy to your ex, while in other states, you may have to serve them with it.

In some cases, the order will be confirmed immediately, while in others, you may have to go through another court hearing.