Do You Need a Family Lawyer?

A family law attorney in Weston  specializes in cases that involve relationships and family financial matters. This most commonly involves cases related to divorce, child custody (timesharing), parenting plans, paternity tests, spousal abuse, and child abuse. The financial implications of these cases include property settlements, parental responsibility (child support), alimony, prenuptial/postnuptial agreements and more.

When do you need a family law lawyer?

You should hire a lawyer whenever you are dealing with a related matter, whether it is drafting a prenuptial agreement or fighting a bitter custody battle. Even when your spouse is amenable, it is better to seek out legal representation and counsel. The law can be complicated, and a lawyer can help you understand how decisions can affect you. More importantly, a lawyer will ensure that all paperwork is watertight, and your interests are always protected. Remember, even an insignificant seeming detail can have a critical effect on you, your finances, future and children.

Hiring an experienced family law attorney in Weston can become critical when dealing with complicated and sensitive issues like child custody, or aggressive negotiations, mediation, or court cases. You may think you are good at negotiating, but legal negotiations are complicated and require knowledge of the law, that only an experienced lawyer will have.

Lastly, hire a lawyer immediately if the other side has hired one. Remember that the other lawyer’s main job is to protect their client’s interests and not yours. You will need someone in your corner that has the legal experience and expertise.