Choose a Divorce Attorney

How to Choose a Divorce Attorney

I realize that for most people choosing an attorney can be quite a difficult process. This is especially true if you are seeking a divorce attorney or a lawyer to represent you in a family law matter where it may be necessary to share very private information with your attorney. In addition, most people who are seeking a family law attorney have never had the experience of having legal representation and as such this is totally foreign to them. They may not understand the attorney client relationship and what to expect? Many people come into my office with dozens of questions about the process. I see my job as someone who will educate a potential client so that when he/she makes a decision on going forward he/she will hopefully have a grasp of the situation.

I consider “word of mouth” to be one of the better ways to select any type of attorney, and especially a family law or divorce attorney. If you know someone who has been through the legal divorce process and has been represented by counsel, their recommendation should carry a great deal of weight. Of course every case is different and therefore the end result may differ as well. I often hear that a friend or relative was able to achieve a certain result and therefore they expect the same consequence. There are so many variables that affect a case that results can never be guaranteed. In fact, I suggest you carefully analyze any guarantees that are made in regards to your case.

I believe that there is no substitute for experience. No matter the profession in question experience brings confidence and reputation. These two factors should not be overlooked. It appears that lately people are using the internet to research an attorney. Review a divorce attorney’s website; it often will reveal much about his/her experience and the way his/her office is run. Often times you can send an E-mail directly to the attorney and inquire about certain issues. There is however, no substitute for a face to face meeting.

A person should select someone who they feel comfortable with. A client should never feel that their case doesn’t really matter to their lawyer. A divorce is one of the most traumatic experiences one can have in their life. A client should never feel that their issues are in anyway trivial.

Affordability is often the “bottom line” as to who will be hired. Attorneys in family law charge for their time. The more time a case requires, the more costly it will become. Hourly rates can differ from one attorney to the next based upon location and experience. Some divorce attorneys may be just too costly and therefore out of reach.

My suggestion, shop around. Interview several family law attorneys and when you leave their respective offices, reflect on the meeting and your comfort level. The ultimate decision may not be as difficult as you think.