Private School

Private School / Summer Camp

This time of year parents are often planning for either summer camp and/or school for the fall term. These two issues which seem simple enough cause numerous problems between divorced couples. Hopefully I can identify some of the issues which cause the dissension and prevent some couples from getting caught in this situation.

The first problem I often see occurs when one of the parents takes it upon himself/herself to make a unilateral decision concerning either camp or school. Florida law follows “Shared Parental Responsibility” which requires both parents to be involved in decision making. Just because one of the parents is designated as the “Primary” parent does not confer greater rights to that parent. The law says both parents are equal. I often see correspondence from one parent to the other stating that “I HAVE DECIDED” this or that. This is not in conformity with the law and usually causes tension. I have even been involved in cases where one parent decides to enroll a child in a private school without even consulting with the other parent. Of course the parent who made such a decision expected the other parent to financially contribute to her decision making. We went to court and the Judge ordered the children to return to the school which they were previously attending.

Private school is not a right, but a privilege. When both parents agree and they can afford it financially, it is generally an easy issue. But what if one of the parents either won’t agree to the school itself or won’t agree to financially contribute?

If you are having disagreements with a Primary Parent and do not feel a unilateral decision was made, contact the Law Firm of Evan H. Baron to discuss your legal options in Weston, Pembroke Pines and Broward County.