The Economy and Divorce

The Economy and Divorce

During the past several months I have seen a large increase in the number of individuals consulting with me about a possible divorce. People with long term marriages, short term marriages and everything in between. I of course immediately began to suspect that this increase was primarily due to the economic recession that we are experiencing. I began to wonder if statistics have been kept concerning the possible increase in the filing of dissolutions of marriage during economic hard times. I found statistics for various years when the economy was taking a downturn. When the economy was weak divorce filings did in fact increase. One study showed a 16.9% increase from one year to the next.

The above information is not surprising to most of us I’m sure. We all know that financial pressures can negatively affect even the strongest of marriages. If a couple is having issues, it certainly can be devastating. So turbulent economic times will increase the divorce rate, but it also makes divorce much more difficult.

A couple must determine how two separate households will be able to survive financially. Over the past several months I have spoken to dozens of people who are experiencing the same issues. What are we going to do about our home? Neither party can afford the expense alone. If it is listed for sale one can expect a long listing period. Who will stay in the home while it is for sale? Who will pay the expenses? If I move out where do I go? What can I afford?
Many people are coming to the realization that South Florida is just too expensive for them to live comfortably. Parents are seeking permission to leave the area to better their lives. The law does not necessarily allow a relocation if you are the custodial parent. Some people feel that they are stuck in a relationship which they cannot escape from. So what are people doing? Many are “sticking it out’. They are hopeful that market conditions will improve and things will become clearer.

It is certainly a very tough time even for individuals who are in a healthy relationship. One can imagine the additional stress this economy can put on a shaky marriage. I certainly suggest that if you are in a similar situation you should contact a divorce attorney to discuss your options. Sometimes a creative settlement can be suggested.

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