When to Hire a Family Law Lawyer

It is always a good idea to hire a family law lawyer in Weston when there are children or property involved. Whether a case goes to trial or not, the settlement of any family law case will affect you and your family for many years to come. Begin the process by hiring the right lawyer.

There are certain family law cases where hiring a lawyer becomes very important. These are:

Division of property: Florida is a community property state and follows the equitable distribution of property. This means that during a divorce, assets, and liabilities are divided between the partners in a fair and equitable manner. A lawyer can advise you on what assets would be considered marital property is and what would be considered a fair distribution.

Spousal support: The rules on alimony are clear. Spousal support typically considers the length of the marriage and other factors when awarding spousal support. Still, there is often a dispute and a family law lawyer in Weston is needed. The support agreement can be renegotiated if there is a change in circumstances like a remarriage or loss/gain of income.

Child custody, timesharing, and support: In Florida courts are usually in favor of shared parental responsibility where both parents share equally the responsibility for the child. There are again many issues that apply here, such as the implementation of a parental plan, and the amount of child support awarded. These are critical issues that will decide your parental responsibilities until your children reach the age of majority. An experienced family law lawyer in Weston is critical to deal with child custody matters.