Infographic : What Your Divorce Attorney Expects from You

This infographic titled “Things your Divorce Attorney Needs to Know from You” details the kind of disclosures you must make to your divorce attorney before starting any proceedings. These details are essential for a Weston divorce attorney to secure a favorable verdict for you. Every attorney expects you to be honest and logical in your approach, know what you want, and not hesitate to ask questions.

Be honest

About your marriage: Discuss the relevant details of your marriage with your attorney. Be honest about what happened, even if it puts you in a negative light. What led to the breakdown of the marriage and what were your reactions?

About your finances: Divorces often involve important financial issues. You may need financial documents to clarify and prove your own capabilities. For this, you will need to put together all your financial documents. This is primarily your own responsibility. You must keep all these papers ready. You also need to be completely honest about your assets and liabilities. Hiding any assets may prove counter-productive if the facts come out later.

Be logical

Divorce cases can be acerbic, and many people start making absurd demands out of spite. But this can end up costing you more in the long run.

Ask questions

A lawyer’s job is to give you legal advice and will appreciate clients who want to know what the law says, how it applies to their case, and how it affects them. So, do not hesitate to ask questions. Your lawyer expects and appreciates it.

Know what you want

Your lawyer is there to help, but he cannot help you if you don’t know what you want. You need to decide how you see the future with your ex and what kind of outcome you are looking for. Your lawyer’s job is now to see that you get it!