Infographic: How to Find a Good Child Support Lawyer

This infographic titled ‘Things to Consider When Hiring a Child Support Attorney’ tells you about the qualities you should look for in a child support attorney. The outcome of a child support case will affect your own income and the future of your child. So, take your time and check the following factors:


Ensure that your child attorney has experience in child custody laws. An experienced attorney will give you a sense of security. You will know that your lawyer has dealt with similar cases, including dealing with hostile opponents who will stop at nothing to duck their responsibility. You should be able to fully trust your attorney to look out for your best interests because child support is a serious matter.

Do not hesitate to ask about their track record. Child support cases can be settled in court or through mediation. It is important to check if your lawyer has experience in both areas.


Before we apply any other criterion to judge an attorney, we must ensure that he/she has the required knowledge. The law is complicated and keeps changing. Child support laws can also change from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. A good attorney must have a thorough knowledge of the local laws.

Child support cases involve many facets, such as making parental plans, calculating child support and knowing how the court will view parental responsibility. This requires an in-depth knowledge of the law, especially local laws.


Finally, do your own due diligence before hiring a lawyer. Conduct thorough research in your city for the best child support attorney. The internet is a great place to start. You can even check if a layer is registered and licensed to practice. Do check their website to understand their specialization, see their team and get a fair idea about the practice. You can also find reviews online. Ask among your family and friends if they know of a child support lawyer.