Getting Legal Help with Child Custody Issues Protects Your Children

aThe living situation and support of children are often the two most contentious issues when a couple divorces. Emotions run high, and that’s one reason why working with a respected child custody lawyer is critical. A skilled and experienced child custody lawyer like those at the law firm of Evan H. Baron & Associates will give you straight answers about the custody and child support processes.

Hiring a Lawyer Is Smart, Not Provocative

Sometimes, upon discovering you have hired a child support lawyer, your spouse will react with anger. Try not to let it bother you. Seeking the counsel of an attorney is the wisest choice when a split affects children. Your spouse may accuse you of all sorts of outlandish behavior in an attempt to frighten you. Remember: the person to turn to for real answers is your attorney.

Putting Children’s Needs First

When a split involves minor children, their needs are the top priority. It’s not about you or your estranged spouse “winning” but about your children having the care and support they need. Custody today is usually shared unless there is a compelling reason for it not to be. Parents must create a parenting plan that ensures children spend time with both parents and that both parents are engaged in raising them.

Changes Affecting Living Arrangements and Support

If one parent remarries, takes a lucrative job, or quits a job to raise children, some of the specifics of the parenting plan may require modification. Again, the person to turn to for answers is your child support lawyer. Friends and family may warn you with cautionary tales or rumors, but your lawyer will give you straight answers.

Protect Your Children and Your Rights as a Parent

Seeking legal counsel from a family lawyer with extensive experience in child custody and support is the smartest decision you can make if divorce is inevitable. It’s easy to let emotions overwhelm you in such situations, but what you need are real answers about what you can expect. At the law offices of Evan H. Baron & Associates, we help you protect your rights and plan the best future for your children.