Child Support

Child Support

Weston Child Support Attorney

In Florida all parents must contribute to the support of their minor children. A minor child is defined as a child who has not yet celebrated his/her 18th birthday. If however, the child is 18 but is still a full time student in high school, than support can be extended until either high school graduation or the child’s 19th birthday; whichever occurs first.

Child support in Weston is based upon our Florida Child Support Guidelines and the net income of both parents. It is based solely upon income and parent’s expenses or cost of living is never considered. Parents cannot legally waive child support, since the support is not theirs to waive. Therefore, in every case where there are minor children, child support must be determined. Day care or after school care is an expense which is added to the basic support in addition to childrens’ health insurance premiums.

An experienced child support attorney has the legal expertise to assist parents through the child support process in Weston, Pembroke Pines and all of Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade County. Evan H. Baron & Associates can help you negotiate appropriate child support terms while expediting the filing process to ensure all Weston child support legal requirements are met.

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