What is the Purpose of a Child Support or Family Lawyer?

A family lawyer helps navigate a wide array of legal issues regarding marriage and children. Many of these areas can be emotionally draining and painful, so it helps to have a competent and qualified legal team on hand to make the process a little easier. Here are some of the legal issues that a family lawyer might deal with:


Divorce is often a very difficult process for both parties, causing hurt feelings that are dragged out over a long period of time as various legal issues are dealt with. A good family lawyer will guide you through the process and make you aware of all of the aspects that you need to consider. Knowing what your options are and understanding the process can at least diminish some of the emotional turmoil.

Some of the issues that might be involved in a divorce include pre and post-nuptial agreements, asset valuation, alimony and child support and possibly obtaining a restraining order. Having experts to work through the legal complexities of these issues is an essential part of moving on with your life.

Child Support

Florida law obligates all parents to financially support their children until they are 18 years old. Support is extended if the child has not yet graduated high school, in which case it lasts until they turn 19. This ensures that every child has what they need in regard to food, clothing and shelter, daycare or after-school care, when necessary, and healthcare. It also recognizes a child’s legal right to share in the financial good fortune of their parents.

The purpose of a child support lawyer is to seek the best interests of the minor children and to make sure they receive what they need from both parents, according to child support guidelines. They work with the court system to determine the amount of support that is due to the children based on the net income of both parents. There might be other considerations as well, such as questions of paternity, and the child support lawyer will work through those issues.