Requesting Child Support in Florida

The presence of children can complicate any divorce. Simple divorces are not possible because the court must consider various issues regarding the child’s welfare, even if both parents agree. It is imperative that one hires a child support attorney Broward when dealing with such cases. A specialist attorney understands how the law works in such cases, what the judges are looking for and how best to represent your interests.

The Courts prefer to settle such cases amicably. The Court also prefers that both parents share responsibility. This is also to ensure that both parents have a strong stake and interest in bringing up the child. When it comes to child support, the Court will decide the amount as per the incomes of both parents. The idea is to ensure that the child’s upbringing does not suffer because one parent is financially weaker than the other.

There are many factors to consider when calculating child support, such as individual incomes, time spent with the child (especially overnights); taxes, medical, education and other days to day costs. The amount will also change with time — as the cost of other factors fluctuates or the parent’s income changes.

These are complicated calculations. You need a child support attorney Broward to calculate a reasonable amount. Keep in mind that the other party will certainly retain an attorney to represent themselves.