How to Secure Your Assets During a Divorce

During a divorce Davie settlement, protecting one’s assets is a high priority for both parties. Since Florida enforces ‘equitable distribution of marital assets and liabilities,’ your marital assets will be split according to what the court determines an equitable distribution to be. Here are the best ways that you can protect your assets in a divorce:

Getting a prenuptial/postnuptial contract

If you own substantial assets and properties or have a large income, most attorneys will recommend that you get a prenup before getting married. Doing this can help tremendously in a divorce case. You can also get a postnuptial contract after the marriage to further protect your assets; however, these agreements must be made legally and by an experienced attorney to avoid future complications.

Protecting oneself

If you do not get a prenup, there are other ways you can try to protect your assets. First, take an inventory of all the valuables and properties you own. Go through ownership pattern in properties and get these evaluated. Get proofs of gifts and inheritances. Make sure that all your business documents are properly documented and transparent.

Hire an attorney

Hire an experienced divorce Davie attorney. Having a lawyer’s assistance and experience in sorting your documents and determining what would be best for your situation can be a big help during a divorce. Whetheryour case goes to mediation or trial, you should have an experienced lawyer by your side to represent you.