Getting Sole Custody in Florida

Although the courts no longer use this term, sole custody refers to the custody agreement where one parent has sole responsibility of their child or children. Typically, Florida courts will rarely award a parent with sole custody. The courts prefer to award shared parental responsibility where both parents have custody of their children, including time sharing and making decisions.

If you are determined to fight for sole custody, you will need an experienced child custody attorney Westonto help you. In extreme cases, courts will usually reduce the rights of the other parent, including supervised visitations and less say in critical decisions. This is known as sole parental responsibility with limited time-sharing arrangement.

Understanding sole parental responsibility

Sole parental responsibility means making decisions or having the authority to overrule the other parent’s decision for your children. It mayalso grant the authority to decide how often, when, and where the other parent sees the child and who will be around to supervise the visit.

The courts in Florida rarely award sole custody where the parental rights of one parent are terminated. The exception to this is in certain circumstances where one parent has provided compelling evidence that shows that the other parent is a danger to the child’s wellbeing. Some of these compelling situations are:

  • When the parent has surrendered his or her rights
  • When the child’s well-being is in danger under the supervision of the other parent
  • When the parent is incarcerated
  • When a parent has abandoned the child and has not attempted to get in touch
  • When the child is adjunct dependent
  • When there are extreme circumstances, like neglect or abuse

A child custody attorney Weston can help you arrange for and document evidence if sole parental responsibility is an option for your situation.